Why the SOLEUS brand?

For the past 2 decades, Soleus has been a leading brand in the HVAC industry. Know as the leading Innovator in product design and new technology.   Several of those years, Soleus has been the largest seller of dehumidifiers and portables in the United States.   Soleus has also pioneered many technologies that are now standard. The foremost is the Portable Air Conditioner. Soleus introduced to big box retail and now accounts for 20% of the AC category.  Other technologies introduced include Dual hose, Heat Pump, Multi-colored control boards, Smart Chip technology, Wave-flo,lose of power protection, MyHome Mode, and most recently Turbo Cool. Along with our Patented Tri-Pat safety features making our dehumidifiers the safest on the Planet!

Soleus company history. 

• Incorporated in 1997
• Business was established by serving commercial and industrial segment with compressors, split air conditioners, and portables
• In 2000 We decided to target Volume retail
• To be successful, we took the following Strategy:
–Work with 4-6 quality manufacturers
–Differentiate ourselves by offering great design (Product- Packaging)
–Always be one step ahead of our competition with merchandising
–Be first to market with new technology and features
• The following year we introduced PAC’s to volume retail, which was primarily a commercial product at the time. Today, PAC’s account for over 10% of most AC lines, and Soleus has been one of the market leaders since the beginning.
• 1st to introduce Reflective Heating technology to the US
• 1st to introduce Micathermic technology
• 1st to introduce Wave-Flo technology
• 1st to introduce Wind Patterns and Figure-8 fan technology
• 1st to introduce Heat Pump technology on a PAC
• 1st to introduce Bottom feed water coolers
• 1st to introduce HEPA filter on a PAC
• Expect even more in the years to come

Soleus as a Brand

• Soleus can be found in more retailers than any other HVAC brand.
• Most brands are tied to one or 2 retailers: Soleus can be found in all channels.
• Soleus can be found at the top retailers in the U.S.:
• All 3 home centers
• 2 of the 3 Clubs
• Most of the top big box retailers.
• Soleus has had tremendous growth in the last few years
• Ready to move forward with our new partners
• Soleus is the only brand to conduct Market Research on our designs, features, and boxes.

Soleus’ success is not by accident. 

We follow simple and ethical principles:

Retailer driven: 1) Offer your customers a value, 2) Provide a box and on-product POP that sells itself, 3) Maintain a proven track record of on-time shipping, 4) Provide quality auditors and state of the art customer service.

Consumer driven: 1) Provide a solution to a problem at a reasonable price, 2) Provide a product that is easy to use, 3) Focus-group-test the product to ensure it meets the customers needs and is a product that they would be proud to have in their home.