Soleus Air New Portable Car Air Purifier

October 21, 2020, California – Americans spend about 70 billion hours a year behind the wheels, according to the American Driving Survey for 2014 through 2017 from AAA. Reality is that besides just driving from one point to another we use the car to carry many different things like, food, tools, equipment, workout gear, pets to name some of many and over time the car interior could collect all type of different odors. Added to all of these with the external air pollution, the interior of the car may not be having the most pleasant scent and healthier environment in such reduced space.

Soleus Air offers the best solution, a powerful yet compact, revolutionary Portable Car Air Purifier. It effectively removes allergens, airborne bacteria, exhaust fumes and other pollutants from your car, office or home. Equipped with a Twin Turbine extreme purification and HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of air particles. This Air purifier will freshen the car interior, purify and deodorize, bringing the air quality to the Healthy Index, level 50 or less, in less than 3 minutes and making driving fun and safe again.

It is versatile and portable; you can use it at home or office, so you can have fresh and clean air around you with this Soleus Air Portable Car Air Purifier.

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